Kurikindi, the golden hummingbird


The forest was on fire.

All of the animals, insects, and birds in the forest rushed to escape.

But there was one little hummingbird named Kurikindi, or Golden Bird, who stayed behind.

This little bird went back and forth between water and fire, dropping a single drop of water from its beak onto the fire below.

When the animals saw this, they began to laugh at Kurikindi.

" Why are you doing that?" they asked.


And Kurikindi replied, "I am only doing what I can do."



When I heard this story, I thought I should try to do my best to do every little thing like this hummingbird. We gave the name "Hummingbird Project" to our Cambodia school construction from this thinking.


This story goes on to say:

  At first, the other animals saw it as a fool, looking at the hummingbird carrying water so hard, but soon all the animals    began carrying the water in order to extinguish the fire in the forest saying "I also must,” and "Me too!"

 Somehow they were able to extinguish the fire in the forest by helping each other.

The small hummingbird in a brief moment of joy, starting to peck at the ground with its small beak.


All the animals of the forest understood what it was doing without asking.

The forest animals had to recreate their new home together, they called it “the forest of hummingbirds.”


We want to make opportunities, like this hummingbird did.