About Hachidori Workshop.


Our dream is for parents to work in the village and get a stable income, so the family can live in peace in the village. Then, children can go to school and get an education. We hope for such a future, and are starting up a new industry in the village. In March 2013, we constructed a workshop and started making a paper industry in June.

Current Hachidori Workshop

All workers live in Prey Kjong village, women in their teens to 50s. They are working six days a week, 8:00 to 17:00, and making Orkun koh and Misanga.

Some people cannot read and write Khmer characters among the employees, a Hachidori School teacher comes to the workshop, teaching Khmer and English during breaks. Local Japanese staff sometime carry out Japanese lessons.

Problems & Challenges

Currently in the Hachidori Workshop, there is a problem that the employees are not fixed. If local people get jobs in the Hachidori Workshop, it will change the circumstances for parents, who would normally seek a higher salary by migrating to Thailand or other regions.

We are trying to make local staff feel the joy in this work rather than in other jobs. We have continued activities to create a better environment such as morning exercises, teaching Japanese, and making and eating lunch together once a month.

We are glad for any and all possible support. The local people have become comfortable in their new working environment, and together we have established a pleasant workplace for everyone. We hired more workers, even one person means a lot of children can attend the school.