About Cambodia

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia between Thailand and Vietnam which has a lot of undeveloped nature including sea, mountain and river. There are rice fields beside the city, we can see oak trees in the landscape. Most people make a living with agriculture, forestry and fisheries, but there is a lot of development focusing on the capital Phnom Penh and changing as a new business place. But this fact is one of the causes of a widening economic gap.

There are a number of people who live on 1 US dollar per day. It has a lot of problems such as slums, poverty, a shortage of schools, low education quality, high rate of illiteracy, and land mines.



Basic information of Cambodia

Land area : 181,000 square kilometers (Slightly less than half of the Japanese land area)

Population : 15.135 million (In 2013, WHO)

Capital : Phnom Penh

Language : Khmer

Religion : Buddhism (part of ethnic minorities are Islam)

Neonatal mortality rate : 18 people / 1,000 (In 2013, WHO)

Infant mortality rate : 33 people / 1,000 (In 2013, WHO)



Education of Cambodia

Adult Literacy rate : 78% (In 2010, UNICEF)

Elementary education attendance rate : 89% (In 2010, UNICEF)

Secondary education attendance rate : 34% (In 2010, UNICEF)


Pol Pot Administration which launched in 1975 started communism and disliked education which can lead to capitalism. So, they destroyed the schools and captured intellectuals such as educators and doctors to be slaughtered. It is said that 2 to 3 million people were slaughtered during that time. As a result of this, it is caused the current education problem. Most adults could not be given an education, there are teachers in farming village who are unqualified or have only graduated from primary school. Therefore some teachers cannot teach calculations such as fractions. Also science only covers agriculture. It is a severe problem for education quality. And children in farming villages are counted as labor for their family. They need to go school while doing housework, taking care of siblings, and working. Therefore primary school attendance rate is 89%, but the junior high attendance rate goes down to 34%. This is a big problem as well in Prey Kjong village.



Landmines in Cambodia

Landmines are still under the ground since the civil war period of the 1970s and 6 million landmines are still in Cambodia. These are being removed every day but it takes 100 years to remove all of them. Therefore there are more than few people who are injured and over 400 people are still being injured and killed per year 30 years after the civil war.